Lead Coding and Robotics Coach

Posted: 01/22/2023

Job Description
Do you love working with kids and love technology? Are you great at multitasking? And are excited at the prospect of learning new things? This position offers you the chance to impact kids’ lives in a fun and enriching way! Join a passionate, dedicated, creative, and collaborative team here at Code Wiz as we help kids unlock their inner Code Wizards!
We are looking for a lead code coach to inspire our kids!
Reports To: Center Director/Owner

Overall Job Objective: Coaches are the reason a student will continue to come back and sign up for more classes and camps. Coaches will always be mindful of each student making sure they are participating, learning, and working towards master their coding skills. Coaches will use the teach, demonstrate, show model to ensure that the information is being retained.  

Main Job Responsibilities Expectations
Use the curriculum to teach and lead children in their lessons and projects.  Ensure a positive/learning experience for students following the curriculum.
Run Trial Classes Trial classes are a key point to gaining new families. Follow the Trial Procedures.  
Come up with creative ideas that kids could implement in their projects.  Keeping things new and fun in the coding class adhering to the students learning style and choice of what they are interested in. 
Be able to respond to parent questions about child progress Fully Engaged with your students, completion of progress reports, welcoming to parents as you see them.
Maintain a high quality of team performance and job satisfaction

Train new coaches as needed
Availability is adequate to meet business needs. Staff Training and Cross Training of coaches per Director assignment, following training procedures.
Management of coaches/projects; Creating and managing coach schedules and classes.
Demonstrated Traits and Values:
  • Adopt the Artisan’s Eye – We take pride in our work. We take care to make sure the service we are delivering is top-notch. At every point where we touch our families, we want them to experience exceptional service from all staff. 
  • Maintain a Growth Mindset – demonstrate the power of learning, by learning. We’re interested and inquisitive, looking beyond what is to what could be. Impossible is not in our vocabulary. 
  • Be Empathetic – We begin by presuming the goodwill of others. We seek first to hear, not tell. To empathize, not criticize. To know before we do. We appreciate the other person’s perspective.
  • Be Real – We are accountable for all that we do. Take ownership of that. We step up and seek responsibility. We own our work and earn our results.
  • Stay Positive – Have GRIT – don’t quit. And bring that same encouragement to others around you!
  • Have Fun! – We bring good energy, uplifting others, smiling, laughing, dancing, and enjoying the moments! 
Required Skills and Experience:
  • Some experience working with kids in a camp, tutoring, child care, or after-school program
  • Interest and background in one of the following fields: programming in Scratch, Python, Java, Unity, Robotics, First Lego League
  • Management experience 
  • Charisma and ability to function independently
  • Growth mindset 
  • Strong project management skills