SpokeHub, Inc.

SpokeHub, Inc.

About Us

SpokeHub is a minority founded and funded social technology company based in Durham, North Carolina. SpokeHub’s goal is to bring people to one place, known as “hubs” to discuss how they feel about topics they are passionate about with other like-minded users. Instead of following “friends” like other traditional social platforms, in SpokeHub, users follow a topic, allowing them to connect in real-time about issues, events or brands. SpokeHub is also quickly becoming an enterprise business tool, allowing brands to drive customers to one place to discuss all facets related to their business. This allows brands to capitalize on real-time feedback, access on-demand data, leverage cutting-edge augmented reality technology and participate in a revenue share program. To connect with the SpokeHub team email info@spokehub.co or call (919) 444-2468.

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